When can I pick up my order?

You will receive an email and/or text with your order number. 

Once you receive this, you can come by between:
 9am-6pm Monday-Saturday
10am-5pm Sunday

Will we have a product on our store?

We update our website daily!
 Sometimes we will have plants growing and will have them on the site once they reach a healthy size!

Do we have vegetables?

Yes we do!
In our catalog our veggies are list and updated daily as different crops are ready at different times. Even if it shows it is sold out, it is likely another batch is being grown to be ready for a different week.

I can't process payment for my order

If you are using a mobile version of our website, the processing of payment may not work on certain devices. We are currently working on a solution for this, but for now you will have to make payment through your computer to complete the order.

When is it safe to plant?

Unfortunately, this depends on the weather. After the May 24th weekend, typically it is more than safe to plant your flowers or veggies. That said, you can plant ahead of this date if the night time temperature is above 5 for the days before it.
The weather can change though and the weather man is as accurate as a politician.

I planted my flowers and the temperature is going below 5C!

Some plants will hurt with these temperatures, but if you have anything that can cover them, like plastic, this will protect most plants from the frost or low temperatures. 

It is going to rain soon, should I still plant my flowers?

Yes! This is the best time to plant anything outside. This will create a great environment for your plants. Try planting ahead of the rain to maximize the benefits. Just watch those nighttime temperatures!